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Preview of The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party

This simple site was created to showcase an iOS game with an HTML 5 video player that lets users of all platforms checkout gameplay.


Girls Nite Out Productions

Girls’ Nite Out Productions is a small theater production company that wanted a web presence to engage the community around them. I built them an easy-to-update site that can keep up as their organization grows.

Preview of Girls Nite Out Productions
Preview of Cordura Durability Experience

Cordura Durability Experience

This 360° interactive piece was designed to educate consumers about all the different products in which CORDURA fabrics can be found. Users explore different scenarios and see the variety of products that use CORDURA fabrics.


Precise Pet Products

Tasked to build a consumer-focused site including a community of pet-owners and a custom administration tool for their salesforce, I employed PHP & AJAX on top of a proven CMS to achieve Precise Pet Products’ website goals.

Preview of Precise Pet Products
Preview of Defend Your Base

Defend Your Base

CORDURA makes some really tough fabrics that are fit for combat. So their site had to be rock solid. Built in Flash, the Defend Your Base campaign highlights how CORDURA’s fabric keeps your body safe, even in the toughest situations.


William Marsh

Creating a bilingual site presents a unique set of challenges. William Marsh & Company needed their site to be accessible in both English and Chinese and wanted to incorporate video of Tai Chi, so I built an XML-driven site in Flash and helped optimize it to decrease load times.

Preview of William Marsh
Preview of

CORDURA wanted to show various markets to which their durable fabrics apply. I created an interactive piece for their homepage to showcase these markets and help educate consumers and manufacturers of what CORDURA fabrics can do for them.


Downtowne Design

Interior design is all about aesthetics, so when Downtowne Design needed a snappy site to show off their skills, it was clear that the site would be photo-heavy. Every page is built on top of a backdrop showing past work so that the user becomes immersed in the work.

Preview of Downtowne Design
Preview of This Is My Pixel

This Is My Pixel

This was a fun project I whipped together in a few hours one weekend that has gotten thousands of hits. Intended as a fun diversion for fellow internet users, the site helps you design a single pixel that you can share with friends via social networks.


Pick The Perp

I built Pick The Perp over a weekend as a test of my skills putting together a simple, database- & AJAX- driven game. The site has attracted millions of visitors and even got me an interview in the UK’s Edge Magazine.

Preview of Pick The Perp


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